Naked FR2009 GE2013 FR2015 FR2017

Naked started out as the naked portrait of a woman in a parking lot. It was part the Berlin show. It is probably the genesis of my layering creative process. I inverted the piece for the Rachel Rom Inside out show at Galerie E.G.P in 2013, I removed the silhouette of the girl from the frame and placed it alongside of it for my following solo show Fragments in 2014. I then created a sculptural object made of steel and cardboard cut-outs of the same silhouette. 

The fourth layer of the Naked piece is an installation I project to conceive for Circulation festival 2018 on an eight by two meter wall. I superposed the naked diptych and created a surreal «trompe l’oeil» space where the portrait became a vehicle that questions our perception of space and the significance of imagery, today. 

The title coordinates stand for the time and places where the piece was altered.